Ways to optimize your commuter experience

Being a commuter student is not always easy and being involved with the College while balancing academics and a commute, might be challenging. Here are some tips to help improve your student life experience at Trinity College:

  1. ATTEND ORIENTATION! Frosh week is the best and easiest way to make friends during the first week of school as well as have some fun before classes officially start 😊
  2. Participate in the commuter pairing program – This program allows non-resident students to live on residence during the frosh week. You will be able to both attend events that run late, without worrying about your commute, as well as make some friends who live on residence (as you will be hosted by a fellow residence student).
  3. Lockers – Located in St. Hilda’s Residences and the basement of the Larkin building, lockers are very useful (and affordable) during the school year! I personally prefer keeping my gown and my gym gear in my locker, so that I don’t carry them around campus with me 😊
  4. Key Rental – You can rent out a key from a Trinity College Welcome Desk that will allow you to access Residence buildings (as well as main entrances) after 6 pm.
  5. Make Friends! Participate! Run in elections and get involved in student governance. At the beginning of the school year, student leaders, as well as many clubs, run elections to select first-year student leaders and new representatives of various clubs.