International Frosh Week Events

In addition to the amazing events planned in frosh week there are a couple of events that cater to the needs of international students and those new to Toronto.

International Mixer and Q&A Panel – Sunday Afternoon

Welcome international students! Come and meet some of your fellow international frosh and learn some handy tips from upper year international students. There will be a short presentation followed by a Q and A session. Afterwards enjoy some food, meet the Trinity international student clubs and most importantly your fellow international 2T3s.

Festival Crawl – Tuesday Afternoon

Students will be randomly divided into teams of 10 to compete in a Coachella-themed scavenger hunt around U of T campus and the streets of Toronto. This skill-testing exercise challenges students to explore their new home, employ collaborative teamwork, and make new friends. A prize will be available for the first three teams to finish the crawl.

Toronto Bus Tours – Saturday Afternoon

Welcome to Toronto – the largest city in Canada and greatest place on Earth. Escape the walls of the Quad and take a ride to explore all that Toronto has to offer. Visit all of the city’s amazing landmarks from Casa Loma to the CN Tower while cruising downtown with your friends. Priority will be given to international students who are new to the city.