About Trinfest

Sept 1 – SEPT 8

TrinFest is the theme for the 2019 Orientation Week (O-Week) for students enrolled in Trinity College at the University of Toronto. The name ‘TrinFest’ comes from the theme of this year’s Trinity O-Week – which is music festivals! It reflects many of the goals we have for incoming students, which includes trying new things, whether that’s through meeting new people, attending a fun event, or making a bold fashion statement (Think glitter or fringe!). In our Orientation Week, you will have a chance to learn about the Trinity community, experience Toronto, and make long-lasting relationships.

TrinFest is a week, where you will be able to live out the Coachella fantasties, your parents would not let you have (Is that just me?). In all seriousness, it’s about self-expression, art, and dreams. Be prepared to be indulged in Toronto’s finest foods (lots and lots of food!!) and enter a space that is free from judgement, exclusion, and limits. Let’s bring on the floral crowns, turn up the music and conquer O-Week!

Our Mission

To make sure you have a freaking-amazing-incredible-super-duper-memorable week! TrinFest is a student-run event that will begin on Move-In Day (September 1st) and finish on September 8th. The week is full of events and activities that are put on by students for the students – with guidance from the administration. Our events are specifically designed for incoming Trinity students to gain familiarity with the community and traditions at our College. We work hard to ensure all events are inclusive and accessible for all students. We want students to leave this week with fond memories and friends that they will be able to keep for a long time to come. Every event is optional and will have alternate events happening, so you will always

Your Mission

Orientation week is your week. It is your chance to learn about the community, College, and University. We want to encourage all incoming students to push themselves to get involved in as many events as possible during the week. Beginning University can be an intimidating transition, but we believe that being active in TrinFest will give you the confidence and resources you need to succeed! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek support, that’s what we are here for!

Now…get ready for the best week of your life!

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